Julie Berthelot - Artworld Ninja

I've spent my whole life acquiring experience and specialized skills in the domain of artwork creation, all in anticipation of this moment, when I would put these skills at your disposal, to bring your vision to life . . . plus I have a sword. If this doesn't qualify me as an artworld ninja, then I don't know what will.

I await your orders . . . 



Urban Forest

This series began as one painting I made for my apartment in Ottawa, which I tried to make completely abstract, but ended up looking like trees . . . so I went with it. 

Now I'm over 150 paintings into the series, with no signs of slowing. It has evolved a lot since that first painting, and I can't wait to see where it will go. 

These are generally medium to very large paintings, usually based on landscape and nature and created using a lot of texture, a stylized painting style, and some paint dropped on the canvas in a variety of ways. 

(It's so much easier just to show them . . . please check them out here). 




I've been doing portraits a lot longer than the Urban Forest series. I love to paint people and find it endlessly fascinating and challenging. 

Most of them have been commissioned pieces, but I also really love to paint my two adorable little children, siblings, scenes from Kill Bill, and any other imagery I find inspiring at the time.

(Again . . . images are worth a million . . . please check my portraits out here). 




Born in 1979, Blind River ON, Canada


1998 - 2001 B.F.A. Concordia University


2017  150, Orange Art Gallery, Ottawa ON

2015  Stillness, Orange Art Gallery, Ottawa ON

2013  Whisper, Orange Art Gallery, Ottawa ON

2012  Sleepwalking, Orange Art Gallery, Ottawa ON

2010  Urban Forrest, Gallery CA, Ottawa ON


2011  The Twelve Days of Winter, Gordon Harrison Gallery, Ottawa ON

2011  Show with Anita Utas, Orange Art Gallery, Ottawa ON